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Real Change Comes From Within


Real Change Comes From Within


New Technology Products 

Lugus Group was founded with the intention to improve quality of life with new technology products that are environmental friendly, ethical responsible and healthy.


Our planet is ready for change to become a better and healthier place. With this in mind, we want to provide the final consumer with fair-trade, green, organic and/or sustainable alternatives to the million products that are unhealthy, damaging and harmful to the environment.


Lugus Group provides  consulting services for dietary supplements, OTC drugs and skin care.


We assess the potential of your product, evaluate target groups and business opportunities.  We help with FDA compliance and get your products EWG Verified and PETA certified.


Lugus Group helps you to source generic and brand-name drugs and medical testing supplies from North America, Europe and worldwide.


We have well established relationships with reliable partners in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide as well as established sales structures in multiple domestic and foreign markets.


Lugus Group sources competitive priced PPE from name brand manufacturers and authorized distributors. 


We have longstanding, strong relationships and we work only with vetted, reliable and trusted sources in the PPE market in North America, Europe and worldwide.